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Optimizing drug therapy for populations and individuals

BestDose has evolved from decades of work. Please consider a donation to help support continued development. Thank you!

BestDose (formerly RightDose) is a Windows-based program that assists physicians and pharmacists in finding optimal doses for individual patients. It is a clinical tool that uses non-parametric, multiple-model Bayesian adaptive control to calculate doses that achieve desired goals, such as serum drug concentrations, with maximum precision and accuracy. We are currently working on the next major version of BestDose, which will be a completely new, web-based program. In the meantime, we still make the old version available.

System Requirements Top

Operating systems: Windows (XP and later).
Memory (RAM): 1GB
Disk: 10 MB free space is required for BestDose
Runtime dependencies: The first time you install BestDose, Matlab and Visual Basic runtime environments will also be installed.

Known issues with the current program:

  1. On Windows Vista/7/8/10, BestDose may say that you cannot save patient to template array when exiting PastRx. The patient will still be saved.

BestDose Feedback Program

If you are interested in using the old version of BestDose, copies are available by emailing us. We may contact you to get feedback on your experience with BestDose so that we can improve it.

BestDose Training

Please note that we made these when the software was called RightDose, but we had to change the name to BestDose for copyright reasons!

Overview (YouTube video)

Patient Data Entry (YouTube video)

User manual (.pdf which is old but still useful)